The Tidywire™ Story so far

About Us

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Our Story

Created in 2016, Tidywire™ was developed as a simple and effective way to keep foliage wires retained to your vineyard trellis and out of midrows during periods of dormancy and infancy. The insight of 25 years industry experience has been invaluable in the testing and production of the final Tidywire™ product.

Successful trials have shown that once the foliage wire has been engaged into the unique spiral lock, the top loop then adjusts to all vineyard terrains to ensure hassle free midrow maintenance until the foliage wires are lifted.

With Tidywire™, enjoy never having your foliage wires touch the ground again!

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Our Vision

Designed for any vineyard size, from corporate to boutique, organic to conventional, Tidywire™ will take the hassle out of foliage wires so managers can spend their time more productively. Our hope is that Tidywire™ will greatly assist your vineyard in a few easy steps!

Tidywire™ is reliable, strong and durable and is 100% made and manufactured to industry specifications in South Australia.

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Tidywire™ - Making Midrows Easier