Our Vineyard Management Product

New Concept

The technology is in the spiral locking mechanism, which doesn’t allow foliage wires to work themselves free.

Reduces Downtime

Trials have shown a reduction in associated downtime of up to 95% where tidywires have been used.

Australian Made

Tidywire™ is 100% Australian from it’s inception, development, design and production. Made from quality materials for reliability.


Tidywire™ is a new concept on the viticulture market, designed to keep foliage wires out of harms way during months of dormancy and infancy.

Tidywire™ caters for all vine rows, no matter what the contour, undulation, terrace or bow of the vine trunks. Trialled and tested over numerous vineyard sites, Tidywire™ is a brand new product that offers complete flexibility in adapting to all vineyard conditions.

Designed and manufactured from Australian made Spring Galvanised High Tensile Wire, Tidywire™ is a durable product proven to reduce associated vineyard downtime by up to 95%. Prepare now, ready to engage during pruning, and enjoy having more productive time in the tractor seat, whilst spending alot less time repairing, shifting and replacing foliage wires, by easily installing Tidywire!

  • Get more productive.
  • Keep the tractor wheels turning.
  • Ring for a great introductory deal.
  • Steel post version coming soon.

Tidywire™ in a nutshell

Local Ingenuity
Reduction in Downtime
Australian Made & Owned
Ease of Use

Foliage wires are easily engaged.


See how the foliage wires are easily engaged into the Tidywire locking mechanism during hand pruning.

The foliage wire is now secured to the trellis until the next growing season when the foliage wire is then disengaged and used to hold the canopy up.

Foliage wires are also easily dis-engaged.


See how the foliage wire is simply disengaged from the Tidywire™ during foliage wire lifting time. There is no need to carry extra tools, and no need to walk back up the row. With a Tidywire™ installed every 50 – 60 metres, Tidywire™ makes the job quicker and simpler resulting in far better efficiencies.

Tidywire™ Brochure

Find out how Tidywire™ can benefit your Vineyard and improve production levels



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Latest News

Making Midrows Easier – September 2018

Tidywire has just finished a 7 hectare installation job in Langhorne Creek SA. See how Tidywire has adjusted to the aged bow of the vine trunk, whilst keep the foliage wire up off the ground and retained to the vine trellis, thus making midrow management a lot easier for the growing season.

Sheep in the Vineyard – August 2018

Tidywire™ has just completed an 8 week trial examining the effects ‘sheep in the vineyard’ have on installed Tidywires. The trial showed zero damage to the installed Tidywires by the sheep as they roamed the vineyard for 2 months feeding on the grass in the midrows.

Weight For It – April 2018

Here we have tested Tidywires strength under load, and as the result shows – Tidywire™ can handle a lot of weight without losing its shape or form. 25.88kg is the read-out, whilst the weight of an unused foliage wire in the midrow is under 2kg. Tidywire™ is more than strong enough to hold the weight […]

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