Slashing Downtime – September 2017

Preliminary slashing trial finds operators are spending 15 minutes per hour with operations ceased  and operator out of the cab continuously moving foliage wires out the way of moving machinery (slashers) due to the fact that the foliage wire becomes unseen in the grass and in the vine midrow.

On average 1 foliage wire was being hit and tangled by the slasher each day due to this circumstance. As a result a further 1.5 – 2 hours (productivity) was being lost due to travelling, removing the tangled foliage wire safley from beneath the slasher, and then resuming the slashing process. This is not taking into consideration the cost of replacing and repairing the foliage wire that is required to be fixed prior to the next growing season.

The blocks installed with Tidywire after being slashed have no foliage wire damage, and no need for re-entry to repair any trellis.

One operator is quoted as saying “I was able to slash 2km/hr quicker and with confidence due to the fact the foliage wire was visible and secured… We need Tidywires installed everywhere!”

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