New Concept – July 2017

Tidywire™ has been installed in a block of 2 year old Pinot Noir. The block trellis is setup as VSP, with a single foliage wire either side of the vine. The rows are 3 meter wide and of 2 meter planting density.

The vine midrow wooden posts are set up in 3 vines panels and the  rows are slightly undulating with 180 vines per row.

Vine trunks are relatively straight considering their age.

Tidywire™ has been installed 6 inches below the cordon wire with a single staple to allow the Tidywire™ to rotate on its own axis if required to compensate for any variations in vine trunk structure and lateral movement that gravity requires.

It is found that a Tidywire™ needs to be installed every 10 panels (30 vines) to keep the foliage wire off the ground and visible.

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