Introducing a new concept to the viticulture market to help keep your untidy foliage wires tidy!

tidywire is an Australian owned and manufactured product designed to keep foliage wires out of midrows during periods of dormancy and infancy.

Trials have shown a reduction in downtime of up to 95% where tidywires have been used. The technology is in the spiral locking mechanism, which doesn’t allow foliage wires to work themselves free. No matter what the undulation, terrace or contour of your vine rows, nor the bow of the vine trunk, tidywire will always keep your foliage wires off the ground, visible and safely secured close to your vineyard trellis.

Slash, mulch, sweep, rotary hoe, and herbicide with confidence, knowing tidywire has all your foliage wires clear of harms way.


Tidywire :  (Viticulture, Vineyard, Innovation, Creation, Machinery outcomes)

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